Determining the Efficacy of Logo Therapy in Death Anxiety among the Older Adults

Document Type : Research Paper



In the research literature, there were evidences for prevalence of death anxiety among older adults. No research has focused on this topic so far. Therefore the purpose of this study was to decrease the death anxiety among older adults using logo therapy. This was a semi-experimental study using control group and test group. 20 subjects were selected randomly from among the older adults residing at Uremia older adult center. They were randomly divided into test and control groups and the death anxiety scale pre-test was taken. Then, 10 logo therapy sessions were conducted for the test group. The control group had no intervention session. The same test was taken in both groups as post-test and one month later, as follow-up. The data were collected using Analysis of Covariance. The results showed that death anxiety in the test group was significantly lower than that of the control group in both post-test and follow-up stages. Group logo therapy decreased death anxiety in older adults suffering from death anxiety and the finding can be discussed in terms of treatment of death anxiety