The main objective of Counseling Culture and Psychotherapy is to provide an intellectual platform for national and international researchers to discuss their most recent findings related to Counselling and Psychotherapy. By doing so, the journal hopes to improve the status of the field in Iran and in the world and to find solutions to theoretical and practical problems the profession is faced with. To serve this purpose, researchers are encouraged to submit their unpublished, original, full-length papers for potential publication in the journal. 

The aim of this journal is to further develop links between counselling and psychotherapy research and practice by offering accessible information about both the specific contents of each issue of CCP, as well as wider developments in counselling and psychotherapy research. The aims are to ensure that research remains relevant to practice, and for practice to continue to inform research development.

To let individual researchers and libraries have access to the most recent research findings in the field, the journal allows open-access to its articles. This journal utilizes the Magiran and Noormags preservation systems to create a distributed archiving system for individual and libraries and to permit libraries stakeholders to create permanent archives of the journal.